Vauen, Auenland "The shire", Hugg sand Rustic

152,50 €
Filter options: 9 mm. filter, No Filter
Brand: Vauen
Product no: Hugg samd, rustic
Bowl diameter: 44 mm
Chamber diameter: 21 mm
Chamber depth: 40mm
Height: 52mm
Lenght: 335mm
Weight: 76gr
Following the success of “The Lord of the Rings”, a collection with the name "Auenland –The Shire" has been launched due to the high demand for this particular style of pipe. This Hugg pipe is in a smooth version with acrylic bit at end of stem for hygienic smoking - specially made by VAUEN. As on all Vauen pipes you have a filter option on these pipes. We recommend you use by Dr. Perl junior 9 mm active carbon filters. The Auenland pipes are all delivered in a nice box. Pipe stand shown on last picture must be bought separately
SKU 2257
Filtteri halkaisija 9mm
Leveys 76
Korkeus 52
Pituus 335
Vauen, Auenland "The shire", Hugg smooth Edellinen Vauen, Auenland "The shire", Hugg smooth
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