Denicotea Cigarette Holder filters x 50

6,10 €
Denicotea filters reduce nicotine and tar
These filters are constructed using silica gel crystals
Total 600 filters
Made in Germany
What we perceive as smoke are finest particles. They consist of steam which results from burning tobacco and is accumulated with hundreds of organic substances during this process. These fine drops that form the taste are generally called "tar" and "condensate". Within these substances the controversial substance "nicotine" is found as well.
To achieve a reduction of these harmful substances without changing the taste and aroma a suitable filter has to fulfil a special task which the denicotea silica gel filter does. The structure of the clear cartridge with the red denicotea cap and its combination with the filling material silica gel make it possible that nicotine and condensate can successfully be filtered out of the passing smoke.
The use of pure silicon oxide known as silica gel guarantees a tasteless filter effect. Due to its highly porous structure - 1 g of silica gel has a surface of 300 m² (this equals approximately the filling of a denicotea silica gel filter) - silica gel can absorb certain substances to a very high extend. Furthermore, owing to this transparent initial substance, the degree of saturation of the silica gel can be seen at any time from the change of color (to dark brown). This is the reason why the silica gel is put into a clear cartridge for the benefit of the user who can find out at any time when the filter should be changed.
By the construction of the filter, a compression of the originally very fine smoke particles to coarser units is achieved. Due to the length and the size of the flue, these units are accelerated and are delivered to the silica gel according to the principle of impact so that the gel can absorb the condensate drops optimally.
The excellent guidance of the smoke through the denicotea silica gel filter is achieved by its technically perfect fit into each of the numerous cigarette holders.
The Denicotea regular filter reduces nicotine and condensate considerably, the denicotea king size filter, developed for very sensitive smokers, has an even stronger effect due to its higher amount of filling. The denicotea regular filter fits all cigarette holders and all denicotea system pipes.
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Denicotea Ejector type Cigarette Holder Lady Black + 10 filters - model No 20202 Eelmine Denicotea Ejector type Cigarette Holder Lady Black + 10 filters - model No 20202