White Elephant

About the brand

1945 to 1984 Robert Maderholz produced briar pipes. His son Michael developed the first automatons for filter production in 1984. Up to now White Elephant is the only filter with highly absorbent Meerschaum granulate worldwide. Meerschaum is a magnesium silicate from the mineral group of the sepiolites, the porose structure is able to absorb large amounts of moisture like a sponge.

The Meerschaum used to be imported from Tansania (now only Meerschaum of the highest quality from Eskisehir, Turkey is used), so the name ‘White Elephant’ was found very fast.

Later active charcoal filters were added to the portfolio and 1999 the production of pipe cleaners started.

Having no heirs, Michael Maderholz sold the company to Kopp Smoking Systems.

After 35 years White Elephant presents itself in a new design. But everything else stays the same. The production facility is still in Ettenstatt, Bavaria and our highest premises are top quality and fair prices. And now in an environmental friendly packaging.

What does Superflow mean?

Less is more. Other producers of charcoal filters surpass each other with higher absorption rates, forgetting one very important factor: tensile strength also increases, leading to an unpleasant smoking experience.

We reduced 15% of the contents, you will feel the difference!