About the brand

The year 2021 is marked as the 15th Anniversary of “M Tobacco” Group.  “M Tobacco” is a family-owned business focused on developing wide range of products for Roll Your Own and Make Your Own cigarettes. Throughout the years we have studied the needs of our customers worldwide and apart from the well-known format of smokers accessories we have developed our own individual and extraordinary products. That is where the slogan “Masters of Rolling” came from – the vision of meeting and satisfying our customers’ discerning taste of modern connoisseurship .

The company has five famous brands well known in 70 countries on 5 continents: CARTEL, DESPERADO, MORENO, MAXI GOLD and IMPERATOR. The Group has two production facilities for smoking accessories in Bulgaria and Romania with more than 300 employees in total. The factories are equipped with the cutting-edged technology for manufacturing of cigarette filter tubes, filters and rolling papers in booklets. The highest quality standards are guaranteed by Quality control in the production, the finest European raw materials and the experienced technical team.

In 2021 year the company invested in second brand new filter rod maker, which will increase the capacity of filter production for its own use.

Brand products